First off, thank you for reading the posts of trail life over this section hike from the GA/NC border to Hot Springs, NC. I meant a lot to me to know I can share a bit of the adventure through the daily journaling, pictures, videos and paintings. I didn’t have much time for making the posts and uploading them, so here’s some extra pics/video’s I wanted to add:



the Cold Springs Shelter




We stopped at the Nanthala Outdoor Center (NOC) in the morning.

6-12: At Fontana Dam, here’s a quick clip of the lake for a painting session.


Hiking across the Fontana Dam, Littlefoot sets his pack for the priorities, dry the plaid boxers and house the leftover Pringles for quick snacking.


The “rock throne” others mentioned just passed the Dam:


Later, at the shelter just after the storm calmed down, I painted a scene of the thick, foggy forest.


The laundering facilities were right in line with the old timely feel of the Standing Bear Hostel. Here’s Berg washing and squeezing his socks:

The view from Cammerer Fire Tower:

6-20: video clip from an air control tower just shy of reaching Max Patch Bald.

So, What Now?
Now, I go back over my notes and color sketches to do larger paintings. After the trail, I went directly to Asheville to visit family, and Montreat, NC where I have sweet memories of summers as a kid. I hope to produce an entire series of paintings to present in a show and possibly begin a short journal-book about the “AT Experience”. A show needs about 20-50 paintings, which may be biting off a bit more than a can chew, but I’ll try! As noted in the posts this hike, the people are a vital part of the experience, so I’ll learn portraiture and then continue the trail where I left off at Hot Springs in the future. Can’t wait!

I’ll provide a post later on this blog with pictures of the paintings, or if you’d like to see them as I go, it’ll be posted on the “En Plein Air” blog.

Until the next time, bye for now and thanks again for reading these posts!!