Conditions: rainy in the morning, drizzling in the afternoon

B: probar L: Flapjacks (Gatlinburg) D: Ramen? (probably)

We’re slowly working our way out of Gatlinburg, sort of dragging our feet. It’s hard to leave the luxuries of cell phone reception and everything we need right there on Main Street (especially the outfitters). Eric, you and Lynnea would love this place for a quick, quaint get-away spot! It’s about 6 days until we get to Hot Springs, and I doubt we’ll stop until then. Groceries, laundry and a ridiculously overpriced taxi (15mi for $50) is the “to do list”, then we’re trail bound.

After going to the outfitters and leaving our bags there for the day while out, we went to Flapjacks (like a local IHOP). I reached into my pocket … the credit card/money/ID/truck key packet was gone. Panic. I backtracked to the outfitters trying to conceive of how I’d possibly find it when the money was exposed on the heavy foot traffic Main Street. No luck. I had left it in my bag at the outfitters. Phew. That was a mega-dose of adrenaline! We trolley’d to finish stuff up in town, and decided we’d have to cough up $50 to a taxi. Just after I called them, a woman and her father showed up to the outfitters and offered us a ride! Sorry taxi, thank you Mica & her Dad!!). We hit the first shelter 3 miles in ~7pm and the rain started.

This was a wet, wet day. It rained and drizzled all day leaving the trails so muddy in places that the shoes made a sucking sound as they lifted out. In other places, the water ran down the rocky paths like a creek. Water everywhere, including us and our packs. Besides a few windy areas, the umbrella again rocked because the canopy kept the winds down and reduced the rain to the occasional huge drops.
We walked 20 miles and finally got to Cosby Knob Shelter. Going to my bag to get out the food for dinner, I realized I left my entire cook system at the last shelter! The titanium cup, DIY alchohol stove … everything. Aaarg!! I got out my sleeping bag and realized I left my silk liner! Ouch! I can only blame it on being so tired. It stinks, but it happens. All I know is I’m in warm, dry clothes in a dry sleeping bag, and these eyes are closing fast! Tomorrow we’ll exit the Smokey Mountains and stay at a hostel near Davenport. It’s hard to believe I’ll be getting back to Hot Springs in three days.