Conditions: sunny

B: Power bar & PayDay L: trail mix and raw ramen noodles crunched into “chips” w the roasted chicken seasoning plus some butter-cheese Idahoan instant mash potato powder. No lie, it’s good! D: Ramen x 2 with a dash of Idahoan instant potato powder and two SPAM singles.

Great rest at Standing Bear and I’m ready to tackle the last big hill towards Hot Springs.

10:30, late start. First 4miles was straight up 3500 ft up, then we have been going on a roller coaster of up/downs. I wouldn’t be surprised if we walked a total of 5000+ ft up all together. We found a weird structure at the top of one mountain that was a white cone-shaped building that made me think of Area 51. Turned out it was an airline beacon and we couldn’t use our cell phones in the area! Fat chance AT&T would work there anyways. About 3 miles later (or 6?) we reached Max Patch Summit. I was thinking, “Can’t we skip this one?”, but this was awesome! We all took off our packs to take time to look. 360 view video:
 . I’ll probably be painting that later since three is a parking area that’d give me access to this spot later.