Cold last night. The “32 Ultralamina” is cold in the high 40’s, but it was damp with a strong, cold north wind. Not much sleep. Everyone cringed at the thought of putting on their wet hiking clothes in the cool morning air. I heard a huge “boom” like a cannon last night that shook the ground. In the morning, there were limbs over the trail and about a 20″ diameter tree snapped in half about thirty feet up exposing fresh green wood. It was an easier 12 mile hike than yesterday’s 11 and with no rain forecasted, Berg, Littlefoot and I are tent camping at Derrick Knob shelter that with a fireplace. While several young kids gathered firewood, I talked to young couple from Hungary on vacation. They describe their country as transitioning to capitalism, but still holding onto traditions, so it makes for a slower paced life than the US. Sounds nice. The AT is a popular place attracting people worldwide.
Easy day.