Rained last night, sunny 80+ today


About 10 people stayed at the “Hilton”, which basically has four 8′ x 16′ platforms similar to huge bunk beds on opposite sides of the shelter. Outside is a huge gravel “deck” area with picnic tables and a fire pit. people coming off the trail share stories and get aquatinted in front of a spectacular view of the lake and mountains. (pic of painting). Up the hill about 300 yard is a shower with hot water and bathroom. This is also a makeshift camp soap washateria for fly-ridden, dirty socks. The “deck” banisters are perfect drying racks. It looks “dirty”, somewhat like a homeless shelter, but is an outstanding service from our perspective.
Tiffany and Littlefoot drove in and we went to town, laundered, restocked our food, ate and were as lazy as possible. Just what was needed. Berg and I stayed at the shelter again. Quick day that went by in a haze of tiredness.