Conditions: Chilly last night, upper 40’s & damp (4700 ft), today sunny perfect weather (mostly below 4000ft)

Meals: B: banana chips, oatmeal
L: snickers, banana chips
D: spam single, idahoan mash taters w/ oyster crackers (flavored saltines), snickers

Daily Events: Heard some Barred Owls last night and with my iPhone iBird South. I put the speakers on loud and did a bird call with it. They all answered and one got really close to the shelter. I did the second bird call on the list for them, and they fell silent. Awkward? Another sound last night, there was a rodent hidden in the walls and sleeping. When I or Dee rustled around, it’d let out a sound like a frog but in the tone of a duck as if annoyed. It was hard not to laugh out loud when it started getting in sync with Dee’s quiet snores.
I said goodbye to Dee and went up Standing Indian Mnt.

Aha, cell phone reception! Despite a dozen biting flies around me, it was great to call have some contact. Emails didn’t seem to work. I can get em, but not send them. Oh well. The view was awesome.
From there it was a gentle decent about 10 miles past Carter Gap Shelter to Betty Crook Gap campsite. There was an outstanding overlook I tried to paint for about 2 hours, but eventually the biting flies won. They even got stuck to the mixed paint on my pallet, so I noted reference colors, took a pic high-tailed it. About a quarter mile down the trail, a football sized turkey suddenly jumped out of the brush on the side and tried to attack my foot! It fluffed, squawked and charged. It was furious! I laughed and it stopped, looked up and saw that there was more to me than my foot, then ran fast as it could. Oh I wish I had my camera ready to video it.

I’m starting to find a routine at camp. I set up the tent, eat, wash my spoon (dishes), take a refreshing mountain stream “bath” and do laundry (biodegradable soap), clothes line to dry clothes, hang food in bear bag, organize stuff in the tent and its just getting dark by then. Works great (and I feel clean). I feel little need for a town other than to get food and more soap. I’m now lying on my air mattress smelling the sweet scent of the mountains. Soft rushing sounds of a creek about 20 feet away and the distant sounds of Barred Owls fill my tent. I could live here so easily. What a fantastic day.

Gear Notes: I brought a cotton t-shirt for camp, but it got wet and its impossible to dry. Need a quick dry shirt, odor control shirt.