Although this is a short entry, it’s good news worth sharing. On the 7th I had an “after surgery” MRI so that Dr. Stovall (neurosurgeon) could compare this with the “before surgery” MRI. He placed pre and post surgical MRI slides side by side on the light-box and said these show “fantastic results”! He expected to see about 85-90% of the tumor was extracted with a little remaining tumor along the margins near the motor strip area, but the slides showed about 98-99% was extracted because there wasn’t ANY visible tumor left! He said the last patient with these results still sees him 8 years later in yearly routine check-ups! Plus he reminded me this tumor has the “1p/19q deletion” (genetic marker) showing it’s sensitive to chemotherapy. I’ll have MRIs taken every 3 months during chemo to check for any recurrence, but this is definitely a good starting point and fantastic news!! In light of these results and my recent favorite YouTube video, it only seems fair to say S’More got “Judy Chopped” as seen on the following video: (click on the video)

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8/5/11 Update: In the photo the MRI on the right (from 3/7/11) shows there is practically no visible tumor.  On the left (from 8/4/11) the tumor area has shrunk, and there is no increase of any tumor. We’ll watch for disappearing tumor on the margins (the rim around the dark area) as the chemo progresses. 20110805-060618.jpg
News from MD Anderson today is that the chemo pills are a joke compared to “normal chemo”. The doctor said “you’ll fly through this.”. It’s good news.