As I try to recap the last three days within a cloud of medicine head, I apologize for any redundancy or floating disconnected thoughts … I’m at the ER in Asheville Mission Hospital and after an MRI w contrast the neurosurgeon explains this is a “low grade” possible glioma that is fairly large (holding his fingers in a ring shape about twice the diameter of a quarter). It also is in a “bad” spot in the frontal lobe so the drugs will reduce swelling until surgery. Hmm. The neurologist later said we don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with until a further consultation and possibly a biopsy to see just what kind of tumor it is. So, REALLY there’s nothing to fret about yet. In a positive side, I got to chat with the charge nurse on the neuro floor who offered me a job when I get done with this! Maybe a good way to get back to NC and close to the trail later? AND, on the extreme positive side, I got to keep the most comfortable pair of ankle high, warm non-skid hospital socks ever.

Ironically, my hospital window has a clear view of the mountains while an IV secures me to a pump and electrodes show all the vitals in an impressive display of animated beeping charts. I see the clouds hugging the mountaintops and my thoughts travel to my trail family. My friend Renee keeps me updated and i got a pic of snow on the trail and tents! Please follow her blog @ http://BearBaitNayNay.blogspot.com/! Family and staff keep me surrounded here on the opposite extreme of being independent on the trail. The docs’ discharged me today with a slew of steroids, anti-epileptics and stomach protectants. After faxing the pathology review to an Austin neurosurgeon he quickly bumped me in schedule to this Wednesday, so hopefully there will be more clarification of what it is, what to do about it and what risks to expect.
Late night flight back to Austin TX and rode an hour north to the parents house. Today 3/13, my bro happened to fly in from VA to the SXSW conference in Austin!! A nationally renowned digital social gadgetry nerd-fest. So, heading back to Austin now and I’m on an all time nerd high. Uncanny how perfectly the timing is in all this. Life is full if twists. Just go with it. I must admit, its hard ti shift back from the trail. After a week of stillness, its been three days of being rushed through a constant complex network of ambulances, hospitals, hotels, airports ect … I miss the simplicity of the trail. One way, a white blaze and a promise of a good conversation. I drift back in the midst of this semi-blurred fast paced life to the trailside with the wind in the trees and timeless peace and listen with closed eyes. It encourages me to know I may return. For now, time to savor the family reunions, have a blast and wait. In my next entry I may do a quick video review of gear, what works what can be left behind and maybe a wish list having experienced the cold & wet challenges. Hopefully this will help you who read this getting ready for the trail yourself. If you’re ready, you’ll love it. Beyond this, I expect there won’t be much to post up till I get back to the mountains.