We hiked Springer Mnt. to Hawk Mtn. (7.8 miles plus an extra 0.9 miles on side trip). Not much sleep last night at the Hostel. Too excited. Breakfast @ Hiker Hostel and then to trail by 9:30. Army Ranger training in area. Marnix, grace, Avery, Renee, Luke “Firewalker” were together at start, then the group mostly split up. I decided to walk w Renee and Firewalker. Took it easy. Saw cool waterfall. Stomach really bugging me.
Arrived @ Hawk Shelter 3:45, ~6 people there, >14 by nightfall. One guy >90 years old. Spicy Tuna/ramen for dinner & good talk @ table w other hiker’s. Temps dropped quickly to 40’s. Montbell UL Down Inner Jacket + Driclime windshirt perfect. Also my DIY invention i call a warm panel did great!! I’ll post pic of it later. Tarp set up perfect between trees & WM bag w silk liner perfect, though not sure 2mil ground cloth thick enough. 8:30 & everyone in camp asleep. Great day! Hmm, spoke too soon. The Airborne Rangers are training w fake machine gun fire and helicopter flew overhead w spotlight. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more peaceful…wait, there’s another two helicopters. Awesome. Maybe they’ll shine there spotlight on us again. Sheesh.

Gear of the day: DIY foam butt pad & Gorillapod!

7:30 wake up. Slept great! 35 degrees & UL down inner + Driclime + balaclava perfect. Oh and warm panel under wind pants! Awesome! Destination just before Suches, GA w Renee & Luke “Firewalker”. Stopped for bouldering (video). Lots of elevation change today. Passed “Narly & One Step”, met “Fineprint”. Cool guys. Stopped @ Justice Creek, washed & massage feet (so nice, crystal clear cold water). ~9 others stop & snack w Renee and I. No question they were upwind, wow. Funky smelling. Renee me & Firewalker as well as Ryan and Mark enjoyed tortilla+nutella wraps (thanks for recipe Jenica!!). Grace met up and camp w us (pic). Set up camp on mountain top and wind thru trees sounds like ocean waves lulling me to sleep. 30% rain, so I set the tarp sides low. Seems to be working well against wind, but I’ll be glad if no rain tonight. Idahoan Mash Potatoes w Bacos tonight along w Honey-Peanut butter for dinner (freezer bag cooking). Now I’m toasty warm in sleeping bag. Tomorrow: 12mi to Neals Gap for laundry & shower.

I’ll post up pics/videos when I have better reception. On mountain top now. Two bars w AT&T.