Tomorrow i hit the trail and tonight I’m staying at the Hiker Hostel. Can’t say enough good things about it. It’s hard enough planning all the details for the trip. They shuttle from the airport, drop by Walmart for last minute supplies, give you a bunk “home” for the night, breakfast @ 7:30, then shuttle you to either Amicola Falls or Springer Mnt. $75. The best part is meeting a group of hiker’s before you hit the trail.
Liz & Christian from Massachusetts, “Firewalker” & Renee from Norhern Cali, a couple from Ohio, another guy from Netherlands … yet we all immediately clicked. I think most will try to the approach trail, but I’ll head out with Rene & “Firewalker” from Springer. Well, had my 4 wallyworld microwaved Hot Pockets and it’s time to hit the sack. Pic is dark, but its of “Firewalker” disgruntled as he views the scale for his final pack weight.